Identifying, Assisting, Preventing

Tilton and Northfield
New Hampshire



Youths are referred by the police, schools or courts. Parents or young people up to the age of 17 may call or come in if they live in Northfield or Tilton. A referral will be made if the youth has needs beyond the scope of the program or resides out side the service area.

Court Diversion

First time offenders may go through the program instead of going to court, taking responsibility for their actions and making amends to their community. Cases are reviewed by a board of volunteers and contracts are developed. The youth then works on fulfilling his or her contract under the guidance of program staff. If there is no repeat offense, a court record is avoided.


The needs of the community have caused change and growth in the program. Families and young people come for many different reasons. They may need help with problems relating to:

Program Offerings

We offer an alternative to the Juvenile Court System

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