Identifying, Assisting, Preventing

Tilton and Northfield
New Hampshire

About the Youth Assistance Program


To prevent destructive behavior by young people, and to assist youths in learning to make good choices in order that they may reach their highest potential as valuable members of society. The program gives first time juvenile offenders a second chance.


The Youth Assistance Program was established in 1975 by the townspeople of Northfield and Tilton. Motivated by concern for area youths, its founders brought their knowledge and skills together to develop a means to effectively divert young people from the Juvenile Court System. They had the foresight to realize that young people are more readily helped in the community where they live.

Cost Effectiveness

The program was, and continues to be, a good investment in the future of our youth, as well as a sound financial investment. Young people receive help before they become involved in more serious problems that are difficult to treat and costly to the community. Police and schools are relieved of juvenile offender work that can be handled by the program with less expense.

Community Support

This program is supported by tax revenues from the Towns of Northfield and Tilton. With the exception of the Challenge Drug and Alcohol Program no other fees are charged for services to residents of these two towns.

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